Epoxy Paint Chip Floors

Are you tired of looking at your ugly gray garage floor?  Is it spalling, stained or maybe even has some minor cracking?

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete Paint Chip Floors  

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete's Epoxy Paint Chip Solution will make your whole garage take on a whole new look! 

Epoxy Paint Chip Floors are durable, resist stains and are even slip resistant!  Do NOT mistake our Epoxy Paint Chip Floors with stuff they sell at the big box home improvement stores!

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete Paint Chip FloorsElkhorn Decorative Concrete guarantee's their material for five years and their labor for one year.  Compare that to what is offered at the big box home improvement stores!  Elkorn Decorative Concrete's Epoxy Paint Chip products are specially designed and developed by Elite Crete.  Elite Crete products are only available through trained and authorized installers, such as Elkhorn Decorative Concrete.

Epoxy Paint Chips are available in a wide array of colors, or you can have a custom blend created just for  YOU!  See the Epoxy Paint Chip Color Charts

For more examples and pictures take a look at the Paint Chip Floor Image Gallery.