Stamped Concrete Solutions

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete Stamped ConcreteEnhance the style, elegance and beauty of your home with Elkhorn Decorative Concrete's Stamped Concrete Solutions!  You spend a lot of time, energy and money making your home uniquely YOU, with the style, elegance and beauty YOU love.  Yet, the first impression people see is the "old plain jane gray" concrete of the walkway, driveway and front porch.  There's all that style, elegance and beauty you put into landscaping, yet there's still all that "old plain jane gray" concrete detracting from it.

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete's Stamped Concrete Solution is an excellent alternative for inside the home as well!  Give your floors the look and feel of custom tile work, but with a product that is far more durable and is much easier to maintain.  Imagine, no more worries about chipping the tile when you drop something and no more grout problems!

Now there's an alternative to the
"old plain jane gray" concrete.

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete can transform your concrete to look like slate, stone, cobblestone,
brick or even like an antique boardwalk! 

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete Stamped ConcreteYou can start with a fresh new concrete pour or, using our Overlay Solution you can completely change the look of any existing concrete area, even repairing any damaged areas that might exist.  All WITHOUT the added expense of removing the existing concrete!  See the Overlay Solution page for more details!  Be sure to look at the Stamped Concrete Photo Gallery for a few examples Elkhorn Decorative Concrete's Stamped Concrete Solutions.

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete has one of the largest selection of stamp patterns in the Fort Collins, Lovealand and surrounding areas.  Stamped concrete is just as durable (if not more so due to the higher cement ratio used in the stamp mix) as regular concrete.  Many different affects, looks and feels can be achieved with different concrete colors, as well as by adding accent colors, that can be marbled into the surface.  A protective sealant is applied to the finished product to help enhance the color as well as protect the concrete from the elements of the weather.

To see more examples and pictures see the Stamped Concrete Image Gallery.